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Fun with Mathematics: Some Thoughts from Seven Decades

Speaker : Irving Kaplansky

Audience Learner: College
Language English
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: stefnewage - - March 7, 2007
Subject: censorship
you claim to have universal access to human knowledge but you have removed the page /bbc200109111654-1736

you should explain to your readers why you have done this as ppl have a right to know what you don't want them too see !!

this is what they don't want you too see
Reviewer: felaiuki - - December 19, 2005
Subject: Great and Broader ideas than the title suggests
I'm not a mathematician and this lecture is based on a broader idea of how to structure your work (your M.Sc. Thesis, Office stuff, School courses etc.).

The 4 key notes about how to structure your work:
I.[until 0:42] Search the literature; (he also shows the opposite)
II.[0:42] Keep your notes; (write a notebook and date your stuff)
III.[0:45] Reach out; (talk to people, keep searching, similar to I.)
IV.[0:47] Try to learn something new everyday.

His talk about why the 3 math yearbooks should merge [0:29], and the delay of the publications [0:25] is very interesting since in every area of knowledge there are thousands of magazines, congresses, journals etc. How to organize this mess? How/Where to find what you're trying to learn? Has someone already done it?

He suggest's your library, so i don't think he know's internet. I would suggest you all to take a look at:
Wikipedia (and edit it correctly):
and, of course, google.
Reviewer: Phlag - - June 12, 2005
Subject: Fun with Mathematics is hardly "fun"
Note: the MPEG4 versions now have audible sound, so download without worry.

This lecture is a collection of random anecdotes from Kaplansky's life with the loose theme of 4 keys to being a successful mathematician. DonÂt let the title mislead you. Although non-mathematicians will have no problem understanding the bulk of this lecture, I would find it incredibly unlikely that they would enjoy it. Although Kaplansky is indeed an incredibly bright man, his speaking sounds un-planned and without rehearsal, filled with fumbling and too many silences. The themes seemed often insignificant wholly boring to me. For example - a large portion of this lecture is dedicated to the dull history of foreign mathematics reviews. Far too many of these anecdotes end with Kaplansky saying something like, ÂBut the library has the book on reserve, so I gave up. Or, ÂBut I donÂt remember how I did it, and I donÂt have my notes.Â

On the whole, I don't see how a non-mathematician would enjoy this; a lot of actual mathematicians will probably be disappointed as well.
Reviewer: Alan Black - - May 15, 2005
Subject: interesting
Very Interesting
Reviewer: slimedog - - May 1, 2005
Subject: An interesting lecture.
Could probably be appreciated by someone with little mathematical background. Pace is pretty slow, for good or bad.
Reviewer: Verbosity - - January 4, 2005
Subject: I agree
the audio of the 56 and 256 are horrendous. And even with broadband becoming cheaper, I think 3 GBs is a bit too much. May the uploader try another MP4 encoder?
Reviewer: Graham Brown - - December 24, 2004
Subject: Brilliant stuff even to a non-mathematician
I enjoyed this even though being a non-mathematician. This guy is obviously a big cheese in the maths world and talks in a very engaging way about his subject.
Reviewer: damikey - - December 20, 2004
Subject: Audio is inaudible
56K and 256K version have garbled audio.
This seems to only be present in MP4 versions.
I have not tried the 3GB version.